Unlock Your Shopify Store's Full Potential

Experience unparalleled customization with us. Tailor every single detail, ensuring your distinct brand radiantly shines in the mobile world.

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Revolutionize Your App's Homepage Design

Easily design with 35 block elements. Choose from 10 themes or customize your own. Celebrate events with unique designs and preview instantly with our QR feature. Your ideal homepage awaits.

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Customized Displays to Reflect Your Style

Elevate your store experience. Start with 40 unique image transitions. Navigate effortlessly through 12 customizable menu designs. Showcase products with unmatched versatility, from 3D Grids to Slider Zooms. Feng Cart Transform shopping into an art.


We offer 12 different menu styles so you can guide your customers through your offerings in a way that reflects your brand.

Listing Views

Empower your audience with choice. Discover a curated selection of captivating view styles: Grid, Grid 3D, Tinder, Slider, and beyond

With Feng Cart, the only limit is your imagination

Dive in and explore the endless possibilities for your mobile Shopify store today!
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Precision-Crafted Presentation with Feng Cart

Showcase products in style with Feng Cart: from versatile card designs like Regular, Bubbles, Animated Bubbles, to 5 tailored 'Add to Cart' buttons. Fine-tune each aspect to exemplify your brand's essence.

Push Notification

Elevate Push Notifications with Targeted Directions

Receive instant feedback and guide users effectively—be it your home page, a particular product, or a curated collection.

Creating your app only takes minutes! No coding required
Cart Checkout

Seamless Cart Checkout with Personalized Touches

From list styles to quantity stepper designs and bottom aesthetics, curate each step for an optimized checkout. Tailor colors and designs to enhance user experience.


Craft the Ultimate Product Showcase with Feng Cart

From stunning image transitions to diverse menu styles and engaging product displays, Feng Cart offers unparalleled customization. Make your store as unique as your brand.